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At aurasjobs.ro, we have been in your position, we started just like you, working on both ocean and river cruise lines, collaborating with various recruitment agencies, we felt the need to change something, to make the recruitment process how it should be!

We assist the candidates with all the steps required to land a job, putting passion into their application process. We keep in touch after their embarkation, getting feedbacks about their experience and offering further assistance in the case is needed.

There is no need to pay any fee for our services. Our goal is to find the best offers for you, this is the way it should be!

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Panait Auras

Panait Auras

Photo of Panait Andreea Elena Recruiting Agent

Panait Andreea-Elena

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Ceamatu Cristian

Feel free to contact us for any information

Just apply!

There is no cost and we will do our best to find suited job offers for you

No english/experience

Even if you don`t have experience or English skills, you just need the right attitude (be positive and hardworking) to get a job. Just apply!

Only english or experience

Don`t be afraid if you are not fully qualified, we know how to show the best of you to the employers

Send me the offers

You are well prepared, maybe you already have cruise jobs experience. We will find the best offers for you.

Application process

From our first contact to your first working day

  • Person speaking at the phone

    Phone conversation


    Send us your CV, apply online or contact us, we need to have a phone conversation to know each other better and plan all the details

  • Handshake


    Start the application

    Following our phone conversation, we meet or we email you our collaboration contract. When we have the signed contract we can start the process

  • People waiting for live one to one interview


    Making them choose you

    We help to modify your CV, in case it is needed, highlighting what is important for the employers and prepare you for the interview. We show your final application to our partners

  • Happy person


    Show me the offers

    You will start receiving offers. Our goal is to find those best suited for you. Just a friendly phone conversation can get you an employment contract. Sometimes, depending on the needs of our partners, you could be invited for a live or Skype interview

  • A hand with a pen signing a contract

    I`m ready to CRUISE!

    Getting employed

    After you sign the employment contract securing the job, you book your flight ticket (sometimes, depending on the needs, the company will pay the ticket or they reimburse when you arrive on the ship) and prepare for your embarkation.

  • Have
    an easy
    contract !

Job offers

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Cruisinc Creative Catering

River Cruise Jobs

River Advice River Cruises Logo

River Advice Cruises

River Cruise Jobs

Cursuri bucatari/ospatari

River Cruise Jobs

Scylla/Edelweiss Gastro

River Cruise Jobs

Anqor River Cruises Logo

Anqor River Cruises

River Cruise Jobs

Constantinou Bros Hotels Logo

Cyprus Hotels

Hotel Land Jobs

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